Dominican Republic land for sale.

And the best prices you will find in Samana: Hidden pearl in the Caribbean.

Buy land in the Dominican Republic: this can be one of the best investments available, due to the high quantity of precious waterfront, oceanfront and beachfront land, available here in the Dominican Republic and more specific in Samana. If you are in the market for buying land in the Dominican Republic, our database offers an extensive selection, listing any type of land you may want. We have the cheapest beachfront land for sale in the Caribbean.

The immomexx database of Samana land contains around 100 million m2 (25.000 acres) of diverse land properties. Whether you are looking for beachfront, oceanfront with cliffs or whether you prefer lush green valleys with spectacular ocean views, we have what you want. We also offer farmland in the Dominican Republic. We have all type of farms for sale: cattle farms, ranches, fruit farms, land for biofuel, jatropha and sugarcane. We work directly with property owners to make sure the land sells for a fair price and we co-own much of the land ourselves. So its almost "lots for sale from owners Dominican Republic".

If you are looking for Caribbean land, there is no place more beautiful and cheaper than Samana. The Samana region with new progress and infrastructure being developed every day. We have rural acreage properties and land for sale in the Dominican Republic. Rural and undeveloped land is perfect for a long term investment.

Besides our property sales, we, as immomexx & demaria are certified to handle deslinde/survey services. We can work with you to solve your title dilemmas and can work out any type of title or deslinde action.

Regardless of what you want to do with your new land, we have the right property for you. We offer beautiful beachfront properties in whatever size. If you are a land developer, we have many large lots for sale that are perfect for all types of hotels and resorts. Our properties are located in numerous locations from Las Terrenas to Playa el Valle to El Catey, mostly in Samana.

On the off chance that we do not have the right property, we can find it for you at up to 70% less than our competition. All it takes is a brief glace online to see that our ocean view land, beachfront land and large development tracts are much cheaper than you can find anywhere else.

A residential area what is developing fas in Las Terrenas is Playa Coson. A long stretched beach where several developments are now.

Farms and Agriculture Land Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic we have large tracks of land for sale which is very good and fertile land for agriculture, biofuel. Also all type of farms for sale: cattle farms and fruit farms, caffee, coconut and cacao farms.

Samana Information

Boulevard del Atlantico

-- The new Boulevard del Atlantico, between El Catey and Las Terrenas is open....
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Samana new cruise tender 2012

-- A new cruise dock is planned to be open in 2012, at Samana. The cruise...
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1 kilo of Gold or 1 acre of land?

-- The gold price is somewhere around $ 54.000 per kilo... and after thinking...
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Samana on top of the market.

-- Here the latest map with what is going on in the DR, and as you see Samana...
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Jetblue New York - Samana

-- SAMANA, Dominican Republic -- jetblue announced regular flights from NY,...
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Fiber-optic Cable for Samana

-- Claro brings at this moment the new fibre optic cables to Samana. Within 1...
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Why are our prices better than others?

-- Why our prices are low: Our relationships with owners are longstanding...
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Roads in Samana best of the country

-- And yes, talking about roads now in Samana. We here at this beautiful...
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